Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don Varden – IBE’s Orion Program

Making smart investments is the key to a secure and financial stable future. Unfortunately, the average person is barely making enough money to pay their monthly bills, let alone enough to justify pouring copious amounts of money into investments. And given the violent swings of the market, most people are concerned that a significant portion of the money they invest will be lost. In response to the aforementioned reasons, the International Bullion Exchange (IBE) and its esteemed Managing Director Don Varden concocted the Orion Program.

The Orion Program was created so that individuals concerned with the current state of the market could feel safe investing their money into gold bullion. Throughout the course of modern history, stocks have proven unpredictable and banks unreliable. Even real estate, which at one point was a safe investment, has taken a monumental hit of late. In fact, there is only one remaining safe haven for prospective investors: precious metals.

Even through the most difficult economic crisis, the prices of precious metals continued to gradually rise. Astute business professional Don Varden realized this, and turned his passion for gold bullion into a profitable and reputable enterprise.

However, not everyone can afford to invest a significant sum in gold or other precious metals. Don Varden recognized that in order for his clients to make more money, they would need greater financial leverage. Thus, the Orion Program only requires that clients place a 20% down payment on their investment. By doing so, clients will receive 5 to 1 leverage on their investment, and gain access to all the benefits offered by the IBE, including safe storage of their goods.

The great thing about the Orion Program is that if the price of gold increases, which it often does, clients will receive five times the return on their investment than they would if no financing options were available. The brainchild of Don Varden, the Orion Program is a brilliant program designed to facilitate the growth of the IBE and its many satisfied clients. 

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