Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don Varden – Biography

When you think of a successful person what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most people think of fancy cars, large bank accounts and luxurious homes, but Don Varden sees things differently. To him, success is marked by how much you help others achieve their goals. And in that respect, Varden has proven a resounding success.

Don Varden is currently involved in three major business ventures. The first two revolve around the Drug and Addiction Treatment industry. Varden acts as the CEO of Serenity Malibu and Seasons of Malibu. Dedicated to treating those suffering from the perils of dependency, Seasons and Serenity provide their clientele with warm, nurturing environments and personalized care. In fact, both establishments are renowned for allowing patients to meet with professionals in one-on-one settings.

It is one thing to provide recovering addicts with the very best care and a serene environment in which to heal, but it’s another to do so at a rate the average person can afford. Unfortunately, people on dire straits usually cannot receive the help they desire due to the skyrocketing cost of quality care. Recognizing the need for affordable treatment, Varden sought to open treatment centers that would cater to the average person, such as the stay at home mom or unemployed father. To that end, he has succeeded. Seasons in Malibu and Serenity Malibu offer patients flexible payment plans and some of the lowest rates in the state of California.

Varden also acts as the Managing Director of the International Bullion Exchange (IBEX). Offering clients a multitude of services including financial advice, sales and secure shipping options, the IBEX is the leading provider of coins, bullion, precious metals and IRAs. Varden, a precious metal bullion enthusiast and member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, oversees the operation and ensures that clients are making smart decisions in regards to their financial futures.

The IBEX is also well-known for its Orion Program, which allows clients to finance up to 80% of their purchase.

If the success of a man is measured by how much he gives back to his community, then Don Varden resides proudly as one of the most successful men in the United States.