Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don Varden

Don Varden has spent the better part of his career rising through the ranks of the business
arena. Exhibiting fierce determination and a staunch work ethic Varden currently acts as
the CEO of Serenity Malibu LLC and Seasons in Malibu LLC. In addition, he resides as
the Managing Director of the renowned International Bullion Exchange.

Seasons in Malibu is a branch of the Seasons Recovery Centers LLC. A prestigious world
class drug and alcohol treatment center located in gorgeous Malibu, California, Seasons
in Malibu has helped a multitude of addicts escape from the perils of dependency, all
at a price far more affordable than what is found at most other reputable institutions.
By providing its clients with the top medical care and support currently available in the
industry, the courteous professionals at Seasons see to it that anyone who enters the
program leaves rejuvenated and substance free. As CEO Varden ensures that the quality
of care provided is of the very highest quality.

Additionally, Varden is the CEO of Serenity Malibu LLC. Like Seasons in Malibu,
Serenity in Malibu also provides pioneering treatment to recovering addicts. By
juxtaposing physical and spiritual activities with the finest Western medicine, Serenity
offers professional care at a price designed to not empty the wallets of its clients or its
clients’ loved ones.

A truly diversified professional, Varden also acts as the Managing Director of the
International Bullion Exchange (IBE). A dealer and facilitator of precious metals and rare
coins, IBE advocates the purchase of these materials to anyone interested in solidifying
their financial futures. Dealing with the sales, delivery, financing and secure storage of
goods related to the precious metals industry, IBE also provides its clients with breaking
news to assist them with what would otherwise difficult decisions. Don Varden, through
his expertise and business savvy, plays a major role in the company, and is cited as one of
the main reasons for its continued success.

Varden is also a Member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. A national
trade association for those interested in precious metals, ICTA strives to protect those
associated with the industry.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Don Varden

Don Varden is the owner of several businesses including some of the finest rehab. centers in the Los Angeles, California area. He is also the managing director at the International Bullion Exchange. For more information and contact details please check out Dons profile: