Friday, September 21, 2012

Don Varden – The Orion Program

Today, I’d like to speak briefly about the International Bullion Exchange and its heralded Orion Program.

First, a little background info: Don Varden is the Managing Director of the IBE. A firm believer in the power and flexibility of precious metal bullion, Varden emphasizes that investing in gold is one of the smartest things anyone can ever do.

A member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, Varden fights hard for the free trade of gold bullion and other related products. Due to his passion and insight, and most of all, his compassion, it makes perfect sense that Varden would facilitate the creation of the Orion Program.

So what is the Orion Program exactly? In a word, it defines hope. More specifically, it allows just about anyone with an interest in acquiring precious metals to do so at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Thanks to the program, investors only have to place a 20 percent down payment on any precious metals they acquire.

Considering that the price of gold rises at a steady rate, investors will be making up to five times of what they would if they were forced to buy the entire quantity outright. Possessing this kind of financial leverage grants the buyer a great deal of flexibility.

In addition, all precious metals are delivered or stored in an independent bank or secure vault. If investors desire to transact business, all they have to do is call. A Precious Metals Specialist will be happy to assist them with each and every one of their needs.

Most importantly, gold grants buyers security. Banks fail, and the real estate market is prone to collapse. Stocks are completely unpredictable and the value of the dollar continues to fall. The only safe investment left is precious metals. And if you don’t believe me, just look at the price of gold over the years. I can assure you that it continues to rise at a steady pace.

Thanks to Don Varden, IBE and the Orion Program, anyone with a nominal amount of money and a desire to secure their financial future is free to do so.