Don Varden – A Businessman who Stands Out

Every now and again, you’ll run across an individual that truly stands out from the average person. Pioneering businessman Don Varden is one of those people. When I first read about Varden’s many accomplishments, I could have sworn that there was more than one Don Varden. After all, how could one man accomplish so much in such a short period of time? Yet, as I read further, I learned that Don was a diversified and passionate individual who spent the better part of his career learning what it took to become a well regarded businessman.

Don differentiates himself from the average businessman in several key ways. In addition to his tireless work ethic, Varden exhibits an uncanny passion for helping others in need. For instance, he acts as the CEO of Seasons in Malibu. An addiction recovery center located in picturesque Malibu, California, Seasons in Malibu is a place where addicts can heal from the maladies that compromise their everyday lives. Likened more to a resort than a treatment center, Seasons in Malibu provides patients with a healthy and safe environment. But perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Seasons is its affordability. Ensuring that patients aren’t indebted to the facility for the rest of their lives, Seasons of Malibu offers patients quality care at a rate even the average worker can afford.

Varden is also the Managing Director of the International Bullion Exchange. A reputable seller and distributor of precious metals, the IBE provides its clients with outstanding customer service, competitive rates and priceless advice as to how they should invest their hard earned funds. Through the IBE’s Orion Program, clients can finance massive quantities of gold bullion for only a small down payment, proving that Varden and the IBE grant their clients a magnitude of leverage not offered by the competition.

As he rose to the top of the business world, Don Varden never forgot how difficult it can be for people to afford essential services. His compassion for others reflects in the way he approaches business, as does his good nature.